Capture email addresses for your landing pages.

Launching the next big thing? Focus on the product. Focus on that beautiful landing page. Don't worry about collecting email addresses from your users. We've got that covered.

1 Sign up and create your project
2 Use our embed code for your landing page form
3 LandingZone sends confirmation emails to new signups
4 View and export your subscriber list on demand

Stupidly simple

Sign up, then point your <form> to the URL provided. LandingZone does the rest - we send confirmation emails to users, and save their details for you to export later on. It's that simple.

Easy export

View all of your subscribed users through our super simple web dashboard, and download a full list via CSV or JSON.

Use any email solution

LandingZone gives you the email addresses - it's up to you to contact users. Import into Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor or use plain old BCC!

Get started for free

LandingZone is completely free while in beta. Help us improve and add new features, and we'll help you launch your new product.